About us

Royal Hoi An homestay is a homestay experience that has been designed to bring you to your Vietnamese family.Our strong point is our history as a farming family in Hoi An, and we would love to share our home with you.

Where your only duty is to enjoy, taste, experience and relax.

The guest accommodations are modern, stylish and comfortable, especially our beds. Royal Hoi An Homestay is very homey and brings specialwarmth from our family atmosphere. At Royal Hoi An Homestay we aim to show you a homestay with a special Happy Air. Once you come to know us, you will never want to leave. Royal Hoi An Homestay – Home Sweet Home – is anexperienceyou will remember fondly forever.

Our Homestay features a range of essential facilities that are perfectly suited. We are very close to 3 World Heritage sites, as well as being situated close to the Old Town, markets and beaches. But, we are located in a part of town that is not full of hawkers, busy hotel resorts and constant traffic. We are located in a small, residential neighbourhood where the Vietnamese community lives. You may come alone but you will never feel lonely.

We can advise you on the best places to go and the best restaurants to eat in. We can recommend local and westernised restaurants. Because we know the land and the farm, we also know who has the freshest ingredients and the best souvenirs.

All members of our family are farmers historically, and more recently, local tour guides. We are local people, we love Vietnam – Hoi An – the village where we are living. When you come to our house it will look like you are going to a special world – Really real countryside life, really real Agricultural life. Only us: the people like us will bring refreshment for you: comfortable, carefree, childlike and full of laughter and stories.